Gus McEwan is a photographer currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Throughout his career as a photographer Gus was privileged to work in all continents on Earth and document our planet, chiefly through commissioned photographs for individuals, the press, NGOs and large multinational corporations.

Over the years Gus has always been an apologist of the use of natural light whenever possible, and he has taught low-light photography and mentored a number of final year photography students in the United Kingdom.

Until 2019 Gus travelled extensively and regularly all around the world. In 2019 Gus took the decision to curb travelling radically due to his ever increasing carbon footprint that he felt he could no longer justify as part of his work.

In 2012 Gus was bestowed with a BPPA Press Photography Award for his photojournalistic coverage of the London riots for The Guardian newspaper. In 2015 Gus was awarded the Best Music Moment Photograph Award by the British Journal of Photography for the coverage of the Distortion Music Festival in Copenhagen.

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